Things You Must Know About Replacement Card Social Security Office

Identity theft is becoming more and more menacing, and destructive to the entire society as a whole, as more and more people become unwilling victims to this crime. It is as yet to become the fastest growing white collar crime not only in the United States but in any parts of the globe. Being a victim of this crime requires that you spend months, and even years, undoing the damage that the identity theft has done. It can leave its victims feeling angry, frustrated and sometimes, hopeless in their attempt to fix their credit score and regain their lost finances. The experience of the whole identity theft crime can leave a victim traumatized in the most unimaginable ways possible. replacement card social security office

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Most identity theft crimes are initiated when the criminal is able to gain hold of another person’s credit card number. This is the most common and easiest form of identity theft there is. This happens when identity thieves scour different garbage bins for credit card statements, promotional offers, pre-approved credit card applications and even birthday cards. The garbage, even in its worst state, can be a gold mine for identity thieves as people are known to throw away their crucial documents without bothering to tear them apart or shredding them. The papers are left intact, sometimes crumpled, but when these are straightened out, everything that an identity thief needs to steal another person’s identity are there for the public to see.

Another way for identity thieves to steal your identity is by getting hold of your social security number. As this information is very important, you have to guard it against theft heavily. As much as possible, avoid giving it out unless it is absolutely required that you do so. Whenever you apply for credit cards or bank accounts, the financial institution that is handling your account will always need that information and you can always ask them for their privacy policy before you give them out.

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However, online or offline stores, organization or firms who requires you to register before you can transact with them will oftentimes also require that you use your social security number as an ID number. At this point, you can deny this information and ask if you can give out other information as a replacement instead. It is not a requirement and the law discourages any practice of this sort. The law specifically recognized the value of your social security number that, as much as possible, they do not want social security numbers to be used as identifying information. Do not be afraid to ask for alternatives. The law provides that you can do so.

If in any case you become a victim of identity theft, here are a couple of things that you need to do immediately:

  1. Contact your local credit card company and immediately close your accounts. If possible, have your account transferred to a different account number instead.
  2. Call any credit bureau and place a fraud alert under your name. The other bureaus will be immediately notified so they can do the same.
  3. Do not forget to file a police report as this will be needed when you make claims to creditors and other financial agencies.