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The SSNs are nine digits numbers given to people shorty after birth. Each new number is generated using a special algorithm which prevents from generating the same two numbers. This is very important since the SSN were intended to be unique identifiers for people. Currently they are used mainly for taxation purposes, but some companies require them in order to confirm your identity. These are usually financial institutions like banks, but insurance companies may demand them as well. There are very strict rules which regulate the use of SSN by ordinary people as well as lookup companies. This is why it’s never allowed to publish SSN numbers. how much for government id

However, when you know somebody’s name as well as his SSN, you will able to retrieve very sensitive information about the person. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to know only the person’s SSN but due to the strict law, it is also required to know the person’s last name. This regulation protect people from an identity theft which raises to the most dangerous threat these days when concerning privacy issues. When you know these two information you can start your investigation. If you don’t know which company to choose, please follow the link at the end of article. You will be redirected to the most trusted service provider which I have been using for years without any problems.

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When you access their website, simply type the social security number and last name in the special fields and wait a few seconds. If they manage to find information about the person, you will be taken to the billing page. When you finish the payment, you will be able to see all the results of your search which can include person’s full name, address as well previous addresses, court and criminal records, credit score, details about his household as well as family. In some cases his current job and information about his cars.

These are only some of the information you can retrieve upon single lookup. In many cases you will be given much more and at the beginning you will not be able to believe that you can actually access such sensitive information. Remember, as long as you don’t use this information for some criminal activities all you do is legal. There are no regulations which forbid you from searching people by SSN and name which you know. I think that I easily persuaded you that it’s definetely worth to give SSN lookups a try.