Valle Nevado in Chile – A beautiful spot to see

The Valle Nevado Chile ski resort is less than 40 miles away from Santiago but offers some fine adventures on and off piste. The resort has several different runs and there are day and multi-day treks accessible from the resort. The skiing offerings also include mogul runs and some off piste options that aren’t terribly difficult but that offer the experience of skiing in the natural snow conditions of the Andes. This resort is easily accessible due to its proximity to Santiago. There are flights and helicopters available that can take you to the Nevado resort, or you can just drive or take professional ground transport.

Valle Nevado has programs available for those people who aren’t very experienced skiers. There is instruction available and there are facilities that can tune your equipment for you. There are plenty of other resort activities to enjoy at the Valle Nevado ski resort, as well, and many of them are off the slopes. ciudad ecofriendly offers excellent info on this.

The Valle Nevado ski resort has bars and lounges and plenty of places to enjoy yourself on site. There are activities available for visitors of all ages. There are even ski competitions that can allow you an opportunity to put your skills to the test for the first time or to go up against some very good skiers and see how you rate. Either way, it provides another way to enjoy your time on the slopes and to have some fun family moments. If your abilities outgrow your equipment while you’re there, you’ll find that there are some professional-quality ski equipment available right at the Valle Nevado ski resort. If you decide you want to see the area in a different way, you can enjoy adventures such as horseback riding and rock climbing. There’s a playground for the kids, as well.

You can spend your time in Valle Nevado, Chile at an apartment or in a room within the resort itself. There are plenty of amenities in all the rooms and the resort is handicapped friendly. There are specialized ski lessons offered for those who have a physical or cognitive disability that creates special challenges, and the resort tries to makes sure that everyone can get out and enjoy the slopes. Multi-day treks include La Paloma and El Plomo mountains, both of which are visible from the resort, and several other options for those who want a real adventure on their vacation.